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Recover from a Health Care Issue with Style

At a certain age, recovery from any type of health issue is painful, arduous, and slow. More help is needed during the process, patients are prone to depression or giving up, and they need to save all their energy for therapies and treatments. The noise, constant interruptions, terrible food, and mediocre equipment of a public hospital or rehabilitation center is no place to recover. The situation should be avoided at all costs.

Peace and Pampering

Recover is much more pleasant and quicker when senior patients are pampered and have the peace and quiet of a Skilled nursing private room. They are able to rest when necessary, enjoy a private shower and bathroom, and are surrounded by luxury and beauty. A dining room with the opulence and service to rival a top restaurant will make it easy to provide the body and mind with all the nourishment it needs to heal and build strength.

Large and exquisitely decorated common rooms are perfect for a calm and uplifting visit with friends and family. A courtyard with fragrant flowers is aromatherapy at its best. The views of the river, well-manicured grounds, and benches under shade trees help patients relax and naturally reduce pain, tension, and sore muscles.

The Latest Equipment and Technology

Along with a Skilled nursing private suite, patients receive excellent therapy and treatments on the latest equipment. Patients feel safe and secure on the exercise machines so they can focus on technique, body mechanics, and improving stamina during physical. Aquatic therapy is ideal for low resistance and maximum benefit with every movement.

Urinary incontinence programs are successful due to technology that measures progress and educates patients. Other therapies offered include occupational, speech, pulmonary, and mist. Wound care services, pain management, and orthopedic rehabilitation are available as well. A balance and vestibular program, along with stroke and cardiac recovery round out professional services for patients.

Services under Construction

Once patients have recovered in style, they will soon have the opportunity to move into luxury accommodations for independent or assisted living. If an injury or illness results in a debilitating condition, or a little more help will be needed moving forward, the same commitment to excellent services will be available.

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